Specializing in Corvettes and Classics


Orange County Auto Brokers is a family owned and operated automotive experience specializing in Corvettes, Classic American cars and Exotics

We are a licensed and bonded California Dealership and we also provide top flight Marketing Services for your Corvette or Classic Car.

If all you need is Marketing we're happy to help, and unlike most Dealers and Marketing Services we spell out how we're marketing your vehicle and show you every step along the way. Looking for that dream car? We can find it! Selling your Corvette or Classic?  

We sell your car with no up front fees!

For the Seller:

If you are looking to sell your Corvette or Classic Muscle Car we can guide you to the right places and outlets to sell your car quickly and get the right price.
  • Just need your car Marketed? We can do that, and we'll show you every step we take along the way so you can see your ads for yourself and know you're getting good bang for your buck.
  • We know how to sell your car, and more importantly where to sell it. Where you sell your Corvette or Classic is every bit as important as how you advertise, prepare, and price it. Some cars fare better online or listed on eBay, others bring top dollar at a live auctions, and some simply need to be seen in a dealer showroom surrounded by other cars. We have a proven track record of success with eBay (We are a 10 year PowerSeller with 100% perfect seller feedback!), live auctions and an extensive dealer network.
  • We back up our expertise. The longer it takes us to sell your Corvette or Classic car, the less commission we make! We're just as motivated as you are to get your car sold and put money in your pocket, AND WE DO ALL THIS WITH NO UP FRONT FEES!

For the Buyer: 

Getting into the Classic or Corvette you've always wanted is tricky business because most people, including a lot of dealers and brokers simply do not understand every facet of the business like we do.

  • We'll help you get the right car. So many of our customers start out looking for one type of car and decide on another because we took the time to work with them on what they want from their ownership experience. You need to know what cars are easy to maintain, get parts for, have enough headroom and what cars are a nightmare before you spend your money.
  • We can find the Classic you're looking for. Searching for the right Classic Car is like searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Looking to buy a 1969 Camaro or a 1968 Mustang fastback? The market is flooded with plenty, but most of them are painted up rust buckets that will cost you nothing but frustration, headaches and money. You need someone to help you determine the right car for you, find it, ask the right questions and get it inspected so there are no surprises.

We will find that perfect Classic Car or Corvette that meets your needs... GUARANTEED! If we can't find it our services are free!



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